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Sims 3 Stakeout Not Working

I better dust for prints and see what I can find. Reward: Job Experience Goal: "Bribe" [Sim 2] for Information The Sim spilled the beans faster than a chef who cuts open a can of beans and dumps them. In this case, the money is a pay stub, addressed to my missing Sim. Reward: Job Experience Goal: "Snoop for Clues" at the Gym I found a few of the cards, but not all of them. weblink

I should ask [x] locals about the cards. Could [Sim 1] be…self-stalking? A couple are only cosmetic however, and the sneaking is just for fun. Reward: Job Experience Goal: Search [Sim 1]'s Garbage Can for Clues Finally, a solid clue!

I should check in with [Sim 1] to find out how I can help. Before I get too deep into the case I should check with [Sim 1] for details that we cannot discuss over the phone. Hacking isn't something your Sim will get much better at, and the most you can earn with max logic is about $4-500 per hour. Really frickin annoying as I have 25 out of 35 cases done right now.

But when the people leave, there is no such option. It seems I'm getting answers that only lead to deeper holes. Hi so i have the Sims 3 (playing the late night expansion pack) and im a level 5 investigator. Most of this will happen naturally.

This is the break I need. Poor kid… the ray transformed him into something… inhuman. Last edited by laughingmaniacfish; 3 Nov, 2013 @ 10:58am #1 cruinne View Profile View Posts 3 Nov, 2013 @ 11:36am Try resetting the sim (in the Cheats panel type: resetSim Firstname http://www.carls-sims-3-guide.com/careers/ambitions/privateinvestigator.php I should interview [Sim 1] first for details.

I found a receipt for a bulk order of temporary tattoos. I should question [Sim 1] to see if [Sim 2]'s story checks out. Sign up for free! Cases are much like adventures in World Adventures, and often don't require much interaction on your part.

I should visit the graveyard and pay a visit to the mausoleum. http://modthesims.info/t/449087 Fingerprints may need to come off of multiple objects, while clues will have your Sim snooping about until they stumble upon something. Number of Christens kill by Germany in world war two? because that's how I managed to proceed with the case.

Now while he goes through the motions for the amount of time that he's supposed to, the stake outs never work. have a peek at these guys The next step in my investigation is the local school. Register Here to get rid of ads when browsing the forum.---------- Home Sims 3 Expansion Packs Sims 3 Cheats Building Homes and Editing Lots Careers and Professions Skills Carls Guides Sims At first this was business, but now that I have food poisoning, it's personal!

Share Tips and FAQs (21) Our Sims Forum is the place to go for faster answers to questions and discussions about the game. Thank you so much 0 Sign In or Register to comment. He plans to keep working on the relationship and bring her over to his point of view. check over here Reward: Job Experience Goal: "Return Wallet" to [Sim 1] [Sim 1] couldn't have been happier to see the recovered wallet.

Goal: "Report In" to [Sim 1] [Sim 2] hacked into [Sim 1]'s personal computer, stole some files, and used them to earn an ill-gotten promotion from work. [Sim 1] wants me I should ask her who might be doing this. Reward: Job Experience Goal: "Confront" [Sim 2] [Sim 2] crumbled like a week-old coffee cake that's been stuck under the seat at the stadium.

Maybe they can make sense of this.

and its licensors. Reward: Job Experience Goal: "Snoop for Clues" at main park Ick! All rights reserved. I should search through his mail first to see if there's any evidence of a ring purchase.

All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. If it is the right people you're looking for the Consignment Shop owner in order to proceed with this case. Regardless, I should return the flamingo. http://qrwsoftware.com/sims-3/sims-exchange-sims-4.html Nothing's going right for me.

Hack Information DatabaseAn action that can be taken on a computer, this works just like regular hacking except can be done at any hour of day. Perhaps ants carried the poor Sim away, along with the ham sandwiches? Information About us Getting started Link to us Advertise with us Site Staff Follow us Facebook Twitter YouTube Monthly Users XXX,XXX Uploaded Creations XXX,XXX Monthly Visits X,XXX,XXX Active Artists XX,XXX Privacy I should ask [Parent] about it to uncover the truth.

More questions Sims 3 shader model 2 error? Reward: Job Experience, §500, Moodlet Saving the Environment The Mystery of the Missing Mate Missing people reports occur all the time, though most often, folks just want to disappear for a fortunately, there are enough opportunities that you can master the career without them.ReplyFlag537th July 2014 9:29pmIgor140 says..."study at the library" is (as admin noted) a university related opportunity and should be Usually when a Sim pops like that, something is interfering, though I cannot guess what it might be in this case.Sometimes, mods like Overwatch help out (by just doing general clean-up

I think I should do a stakeout in the park to pick up the trail. Goal: "Interview" [Sim 1] Yup, [Sim 1] has it bad for a local named [Sim 2]. [Sim 1] is willing to pay me to ask around town to see if [Sim I collected payment and bid adieu to this cyberspace double cross. The Sim said a race was about to occur at the local stadium…I should get there.

Reward: Job Experience Goal: "Ask About [Sim 2]" to [y] Sims According to the locals, [Sim 2] clearly has an obsession with sharks and hasn't been doing well at work. I need to ask [Sim 1] where [Sim 2] was last seen. Reward: Job Experience Goal: "Report In" to [Sim 1] [Sim 1] gasped when I mentioned I used the term "noopen poopen." Apparently I used a little too much force in this I hope she's worth it.

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